Paolo Colombo was born in Monza on October 22nd, 1978. He moved his first steps into the world of music during elementary school, where he was lucky to have as a teacher a young M° Marco Detto, who became a well-known jazz pianist of international fame. However, his musical studies are soon interrupted to give room to other interests, until the day when, a few years later, listening to a solo by Ritchie Blackmore, he decided he wants to learn how to play the guitar. He refined the study of the instrument at the schools Music Center in Meda and SIM in Seregno, thanks to the guidance of the great guitarist Giorgio Torti. Soon Paolo begins to play wherever there is a six-string nearby: from campgrounds to concertos, from school parties to music essays. Year 1992 is the time for the first band. Alberto Citterio’s cousin invites him to take part in a new born band that will soon be called QK. The line up will undergo several changes, until the entrance of a 16 years old Alberto Citterio as a keyboard player in 2001. From this union, with the addition of the bass player Marco Buzzi, in 2007 Forza Elettromotrice (FEM Prog Band) will be born. Over the years there have been many other collaborations, including the Broken Wall, the Midnight Soul Band and the shows related to the presentations of the books by the writer Antonio Oleari. Paolo, over the years, has also gained good familiarity with the electric bass, playing in a tribute band to AC / DC, and with the drums, founding together with Marco Buzzi and other friends the band Grim Fandango. Since 2013, after becoming a dad, he gave up all music collaborations focusing in FEM only.