Year of release: 2018

Label: self-produced

Line-up: Alessandro Graziano (voice), Alberto Citterio (keyboards), Paolo Colombo (guitar), Marco Buzzi (bass), Pietro Bertoni (brass), Emanuele Borsati (drums)

Tracks number: 9

Lenght: 50’ 50”

Recording, mixing and mastering: Larsen Premoli of RecLab Studio – Buccinasco (MI)

Track list:

1 Il palazzo del chaos
2 Io mi trasformo
3 La cura delle cose
4 Musica di vento
5 Mai tardi
6 Il cielo di sé
7 Attesa
8 Mutazione
9 Se c’è una buona ragione

“Mutazione” is the record of consecration and contains nine tracks that tell about an ancient and modern message of change. The change is to be understood on various levels, well exposed both in the lyrics and in the music by the band. A heterogeneous work that, while preserving the peculiarities typical of previous releases, pushes on a modern sound and strong emotional impact, trying to accompany the listener towards a conscious investigation of their own self.