Marco Buzzi was born on 10 January 1985 in Garbagnate Milanese. The first approach to rock music it’s in the early years of elementary schools. This is due to the older brother who transmits to the young Marco the passion for legendary bands like Queen, Rolling Stone and Led Zeppelin but also for “emerging” bands like Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, Stone Temple Pilots etc …
The first traumatic approach to performing music takes place in middle school. In these years, due to a hateful teacher, the interest in the practice of music is totally drowned until, at the age of 17, his brother presents him an electric bass.
From here, a couple of years of studies on the instrument at the Music Center in Meda (with Maestro Daniele Sala) and a lot of “self-taught”, form Marco as a bassist.
The first band dates back to 2004 when he joined the Metallicunt (Tribute Band at Metallica). With this project he played in several clubs in the Lombardy region, receiving a good success. In 2007 he left the band for musical differences and became part of FEM.