Emanuele Borsati was born Tuesday 29th July 1980 in Mariano Comense at the same time of his love for music. From an early age he naturally starts to play the drums although he does not recognize the right stick from the left, under the push of his father Daniele, also a drummer. He studies self-taught the drums, the piano and the acoustic guitar and he plays with various teenage bands different genres from beat to hard rock. But his main love is progressive music that will lead him to play first with Lethe from Milan, then with the Dagorlad Battleplain (band in which he still militates) and, finally, with FEM Forza Elettromotrice. After all these years, he has not yet learned to distinguish the right stick from the left. He is not a true drummer: he is simply “the one who keeps the tempo and sweats more than the others”.