Forza Elettromotrice (aka FEM or FEM Prog Band) is an italian progressive rock band. The name already tells the energy and traction that the FEM’s music expresses.

2007► The band was born in Meda, Brianza, on the edge of Milan’s outskirt. Alberto Citterio (keyboards), Paolo Colombo (guitar) and Marco Buzzi (bass), are looking for new motivations and have a clear musical project in mind: Italian progressive rock music, technique, energy and fun.   The ranks take place bringing on the stages of Milan’s district a repertoire made up of covers of the Italian progressive panorama, paying homage to sacred monsters like PFM, Banco del Mutuo Soccorso, Le Orme, Area, but also tributing artists who somehow received the magic touch of prog, like Lucio Dalla, Lucio Battisti, Donatella Rettore, etc.   The line-up undergoes an evolution: the singer Paolo “The Power” Borgonovo is replaced first by Raffaele “Scream” Chiummo, and later by Giacomo Balzarotti, and the drummer Dimitri Merati by Emanuele Borsati. Emanuele, joining the band, pushes towards the creation of unpublished contents.  
2011► FEM wins the contest at the “Misinto Bier Fest”, presenting a proto version of the concept “Sulla bolla di sapone”, which will be officially published in 2014.  
2012► Meanwhile, the band records his first work at the Auditoria Records of Antonio “Aki” Chindamo: the EP “Epsilon”.  
2014► Following the entrance of the new singer Massimo Sabbatini group, the concept “Sulla bolla di sapone”, recorded with the Effettonote Studio of Sabino Cannone and mixed by Andrea Rizzardo, is officially published with the label Altrock / Fading by Marcello Marinone. The LP includes the collaboration by guests musicians, including the trombonist Pietro Bertoni, who becomes a permanent member of the band, playing brass, glockenspiel and Taurus.   In the meantime the band’s live activity continues, which has the opportunity to perform in contexts such as Ver1 Prog Festival in Veruno (2014) and the Riviera Prog Festival (2015), opening the headlining shows of the caliber of Focus, New Trolls and Goblin.  
2018► FEM is ready to publish its new release. The savonese singer, guitarist and violinist Alessandro Graziano is the new front man. The album, recorded and mixed by Larsen Premoli at the RecLab Studio, is called “Mutazione”.