December 17, 2017

La FEM oggi

The project

FEM Prog Band is first of all something to believe in! It’s the willingness to 5 musicians (Giacomo Balzarotti – voice, Alberto Citterio - keyboards, Paolo Colombo – guitar, Marco Buzzi - bass; Emanuele Borsati - drums) to rediscover the sound of Progressive Rock of the 70s and to bring it back on the present music scene. The research for new sounds and the desire to create introspective music are the basis of this project.

"And such as Galileo Galilei or our Glagli, we go against the tide, sure to meet, sooner or later, eyes ready to see, and ears ready to listen!"


Currently, the FEM is working on:

- The concept album "Sulla bolla di sapone";


On May 5, 2012 was released Epsilon, the EP that officially opens the discography of the band.


La FEM agli inizi

The history

FEM Prog Band was founded in 2007 from the ashes of the band QK, based in Meda (Italy). The keyboardist Alberto Citterio and guitarist Paolo Colombo decide to engage immediately on bass their friend Marco Buzzi, who just left the tribute band Metallicunt.

After a brief selection the choice of the drummer falls on the young Dimitri Merati and the one of the singer on Paolo "The Power" Borgonovo, also a member of the last QK’s lineup.La FEM nel 2008

The first effort was to build a repertoire of cover songs that focused on the Italian progressive: PFM, Banco del Mutuo Soccorso, Orme, etc..

In April 2008, Dimitri left the band and his place was taken by Matteo "Anatheo" Paparazzo. In September 2008, The Power left too and was replaced with Raffaele "Scream" Chiummo. In the meanwhile the violinist Stella Colombo joined briefly the band. During this period, the band intensify the shows and crush the boxes of the best clubs in Milan.


La FEM nel 2009The beginning of 2009 marks a new change: the drummer is replaced by Emanuele Borsati, which infuses a new life in the creativity of the band, pushing gradually to abandon the cover in favor of the composition of original music.

This new way didn’t fully meet Screams’ needs, which decided to leave in September 2010.

The singer and classical guitarist Giacomo Balzarotti joined immediately after the band and gave a crucial help in the realization of the EP Epsilon, the first official discografic release of FEM Prog Band. Since he become father of Tommaso, giacomo left the band to dedicate himself to his family.

In october 2013 Massimo Sabbatni became the new great singer of the band.


On 29th march 2014 was released the firrst LP della band, named "Sulla bolla di sapone", produced by FEM and by Marcello Marinone's Altrock. The disc is a concept album based on the same named novel by the german Kurd Lasswitz.


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